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The origin of our experience as an agricultural enterprise comes from 1883 when Jaime Sabatés Puig started this activity in the region of "El Maresme" in Spain. From that moment there had been several events in our family, always related to agricultural section.

My grandfather, Jaime Sabatés Serra, became an historical character for the politics and the comercial development of agricultural section in our country. He had ben the President of the Agricultural Chamber in our town for more tha twenty years, and he had been elected President of the Provintial Agricultural Chamber in Cataluña, he developed this charge for 12 years, this charge is now known as Consultor in Agricultural  for the Economical European Comunity. He was also the founder and president, for 25 years, of the Agricultural Cooperative Florimar. Trough this enterprise first carnations were sent to New York city.


Successively, my father Jaume Sabatés Ramon continues this activity.After his practical Studies at the aged of 16 in countries such Belgium or Germany, he continues the way his antecessor began in cultives and exportation of flowers in countries such Canada, Lebanon, Findland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and some others,becoming one of the main flowers exporters in our country.

During these years, our commercial experience with Italy had been really satisfactory.The origin of these comercial relations started with buying the first carnation cuttings in zones such San Remo, Imperia and Ventimiglia.
Some years after this, my father turns our enterprise in one of the first and biggest in the cultivation of Asparragus Plumosos in Europe, with a superficie of winter quarters closed to 60.000m2, cultivations started by my grandfather in 1948.

Our story

Nowadays me, Jaime Sabates Garci, greatgrandchild of the founder of this enterprise, I follow the steps of my family after the years of aquired experience in our lands.

The enterprise Flowers2eat, is exclusivelly dedicated to the cultive and comercialization of comestible flowers, idea bornt in 2007 from an indefatigable searching of new products which characterized my father and what  made him a recognized enterprise in the agricultural section.

After a short experience in the Spanish market, Flowers2eat  got stablished in the Tuscany region to go on with its agricultural and comercial activity in Italy,taking to Italian market the experience and knowledge of our family.

Tuscany regions had been chosed for its similar weather and because we are really convinced that any qulity product grown in this lands, will obtain and additional worth from  the ones that the own Tuscany  offers, and also because of the best installations and experience we have in this type of cultivations and brought by our partner and friend Marco Carmazzi, from the enterprise Floricoltura Marci Carmazzi, an important contractor in the agricultural section in Italy.

Our story

This way we can offer a 100% Tuscany product, a 100% Italian product and a 100% quality product.

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